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DEX trading with Symphony!

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Limit Order

Users can create limit orders by depositing the sell asset.

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Stoploss order

Stoploss is another great feature that allows for minimizing risk in case the sell asset price goes below a certain price threshold.

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Yield optimized

The sell asset is deposited to a yield generating protocol like Aave, Yearn, Mstable, etc. The order automatically gets executed by the “Executor” if the price constraints are satisfied. The order creator receives the buy asset and yield automatically when the order is filled.

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Money locked in a limit order normally sits unused waiting for the order to hit. @SymphonyFinance cleverly allows you to earn passive yield while waiting for that limit order to hit! 🧠

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Really amazed by this decentralized team to create YOLO. I built an earlier primitive version of this at a hackathon in 2019 with KyberNetwork integrating Compound, excited to see Symphony take it to the next level.

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The Balancer Ecosystem Fund has committed a grant of 970 BAL to Symphony, an interest-generating limit order protocol allowing users to trade tokens via Balancer on Polygonby setting limit orders that earn yield on Aave, while waiting to be executed.

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Defi apps achieving new milestones by the day on @0xPolygon! Bravo @SymphonyFinance

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Market volatility Others: oh no my farm, need to manage my LP, withdraw, unwrap, but my APR, need to buy the dip before it's too late. Me: just take some funds and submit a Yield-Optimized-Limit-Order at @SymphonyFinance

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Awesome seeing @SymphonyFinance getting some well deserved attention! A few reasons we love Symphony: @0x_kakashi stuck around to support the ecosystem as an @AaveGrants reviewer 👻 🤝 🎵

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Earn yield on limit orders!

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learned about @SymphonyFinance's yield generating limit order's today on @AaveGrants community call. So many innovative things happenin in DeFi.

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April 2021

Introduced Symphony Finance


May 2021

Testnet Launch


Sept 2021

Polygon Mainnet Launch


Q4 2021

Launch on Other Chains


QZ 202B

Governance / Staking Launch


QZ 202C

Multichain Support


QZ 202D

Multiple Adapter Support

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