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DEX trading made easy

Trading is especially challenging when you need to check prices, provide liquidity, unstake, swap, bridge, move funds, etc. Things go wrong, you can't remember what step you missed, and start double checking again.

But when it’s all together in Symphony, you’ll see where your funds are, understand where the yield comes from, and know exactly if your trades are filled or not. You earn extra yield on open orders - till it gets executed. Trading with Symphony is simply the best way for you to earn more crypto.

How is Symphony Better?

Trading Fee0.60%0.05%0%
Prices to choose fromOnly OneAll DEXes & AggregatorsAll DEXs
Yield APY0%2-8%0%
Stress InvolvedLowLowHigh

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Don't settle for less

When you use 1inch, you get prices from all DEXs - which is pretty cool. That's what makes it an aggregator.

But wouldn't be much cooler if you could choose from all aggregators?

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Uniswap V3
Uniswap V3
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Depeg Protection

No more UST catastrophe. Set a stop loss at $0.95 and earn yield risk-free. If a stable depeges, you will get out in time. Be safe and do not lose all your hard-earned money.

Your portfolio will thank you.

Maximize your chances

Prices dropped and you moved to USDC. Earn yield on it by leveraging trusted protocols like Yearn or Convex. You want to buy ETH under $1.5k? Just set a buy limit order. Everything is automatic like other order book exchanges, but:

1. You keep earning yield.

2. You get the best price.

DAO Treasury Management

Symphony is a perfect choice for DAOs & multi-sig wallets. We’re integrated with Gnosis safe, so Symphony DEX can serve as a treasury management tool for Safe users.

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Letter from our founders

From: us
To: you

Hey anon,
Trading is harder than it should be. It is incredibly exciting when you're looking to make a trade on a DEX, and bring some profits to the table. That is how trading is supposed to feel exciting.

But it doesn't.

Times have changed, there is too much noise to cut through to find the best prices for your trades. 99% of new projects fail, and trading manually on top DEXs would take too long. DEX trading needs some rethinking. A fresh take.

At Symphony, that's what we're trying to do - simplifying trading by automating the most time consuming part, while giving an opportunity to earn extra yield.We automate yield generation, trades filling or execution and fund transfer. So the only thing you need to do is: create an order.

Traders prefer Symphony because it saves them from headaches caused by unfilled orders and slow order execution. We think it is a start. To make DEX trading exciting again.

Let's get tradin'.

Team Symphony


We love crypto, but our government doesn't.

In fact, all crypto-related activities are heavily punished here. So for safety reasons, we decided to remain anonymous.

Tell us your concerns and we'll answer every one of them in our Discord.